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Frequently Asked Questions

We opened our auto body shop in 2010 and since have become a paragon of professionalism and quality. Today, countless vehicles owners in Chattanooga, TN trust our services and come to us when they wish to restore, upgrade, or repair their automobiles. The fact that our client base is growing makes us a proud as it means that we are carrying out our duties in a manner that is satisfactory to our customers. Here are the most frequent questions that we have to answer.

Question 1: Are You Licensed?

At Chatt Town Exclusives, we are not only licensed by the state but also fully insured, bonded, and certified. We are reliable professionals that you can trust with your automobile as we will treat it as our own.

Question 2: Can You Install Custom Lighting on My Car?

Yes! Good lighting is very important on the road, especially during the night. We can equip your car with top-of-the-line auto lights that will allow you the see the road ahead and will inform other drivers of your presence.

Question 3: Can You Custom Paint My Car?

Absolutely! We specialize in auto body painting. We can create different patterns and individualize your vehicle to your personal taste. Once we are done, your car will turn heads while you are driving around Chattanooga, TN.

Question 4: Can You Customize My Car’s Body?

Of course! We can place suicide or scissors doors on your automobile. We can also fit it with a lift kit. Finally, we have tools to conduct an LS swap and augment your vehicle’s horsepower and torque. At Chatt Town Exclusives, we can help you drive a mean and awesome looking car so don’t waste to schedule an appointment at our custom auto body shop.

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