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High-Quality Top-Drawer Auto Body Painting Service in Chattanooga, TN

Do you wish to refresh your automobile? At Chatt Town Exclusives, we can help you with your project by providing you with our comprehensive and first-grade auto body painting service. We have been in business for a number of years and during that time, we have assisted numerous vehicles owners in Chattanooga, TN with the upkeep of their cars and trucks.

Custom Car Paint

Custom Car Paint

Multitude of Services

Our service list includes auto painting, bodywork, and collision repairs. As we mentioned earlier, the assistance that we offer is comprehensive, which is why it will fully cover your needs. At our auto body shop, we are ready to help you restore the long-lost condition of your vehicle and make it look as good as new. Learn about our services by exploring our website.

Competent Specialists

At Chatt Town Exclusives, we are masterful at numerous painting techniques, which is why we can create different types of paint jobs. From stripping to two-tone to tribal and flames designs. We can also paint personalized and unique graphics that will allow you to showcase your style and creativity. Bring your vehicle to our custom car paint shop so that we can alter its appearance and render it immaculate.

Safety Comes First

At our custom auto body shop, we follow the local laws and safety regulations to the letter. Our goal is not to only help you with the paint job and repair of your vehicle but also render it roadworthy so that you can drive around with the peace of mind that your car will provide you the protection and dependence that you need while you are on the road.

Book our custom body paint service in Chattanooga, TN today by giving us a phone call.

Client’s Testimonial

by G. Rivera on Chatt Town Exclusives
Lost for words!

I took my ride to this auto body shop because I heard they do a great job of everything. When I was there, I saw this awesome car they had painted. I needed quite a lot of body repairs doing to mine, and they did it so well, I can't tell where some of the damage was. After seeing the car they had in when I arrived, I'm saving up to get mine painted just the same. I'll be in touch, fellas! See you soon!

Chatt Town Exclusives
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Phone: (423) 432-6878

  • Auto Body Repairs
  • Collision Repairs
  • Minor Body Repairs
  • Auto Painting
  • Custom Graphics
  • Custom Auto Body
  • Custom Car Paint
  • Car Body Repair
  • Car Bumper Repair
  • Car Fender Repair

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Darrius Allen
Darrius Allen
Highly recommend! Tony and his crew do amazing work. Exceeded expectations on my 3rd gen Camaro!
Pamela Wyatt
Pamela Wyatt
Honestly, best experience with an Auto Shop in Chattanooga! I don’t normally take the time to write a review, but I had such a good experience with them, I felt the need to. They were timely, efficient, easy to communicate with, friendly, and made sure my car came back looking good as new. They even cleaned up my floor rugs before sending the car back with me to make sure no mess was left. Gotta say, I’ll definitely use them again, if needed!
Erit Free
Erit Free
The Team there got me on my way faster than a 15min Carwash! I parked my car and some how the concrete bumper caught my bumper in front!! (Ugh!!)I managed to pop it back on in pure darkness near park. My Mom and Fiance assisted! It managed to stay till I got home Hot home talked to a neighbor. He insisted that I take the car to Chatt Town!I check their page and said they do alot of old school cars with nice paint jobs!! My car is a 2012 Dodge Avenger! When I arrived next day I was greeted by Nicely painted cars I also was greeted by a tall gentleman who came to my assistant! He was polite and confident!! He looked at my bumper and replied I can help you. I was ready to get a appointment. Instead, He got his tools and assured confidence that I was in good hands!!In less than a few minutes and some adjustments.My Bumper was screwed and attached back on.(Wow)He was very pleasant to work with.O would take my car to these guys any day!!He was very nice and I gained a friend and He spoke to my Mom and Fiance.I felt he was Family Shout out to this whole Chatt Town Team!!You guys make it happen!! Thank You always In lest
Graham Harrell
Graham Harrell
Tony and his team did fantastic work patching up our car after a wreck. I plan on using them to re-paint my car later this month. Highly recommend!
yaasss bih
yaasss bih
I highly recommend Chatt Town Exclusives. They provide A-1 service and quality 2nd to none. Gregory P. will take your whip to the next level!
Mark Michelsen
Mark Michelsen
Great auto body painting service! They are really professional and my car looks even better now!
marc Washington
marc Washington
Great service. Very reliable beat all my expectations. I would recommend to anyone looking for custom paint or jus getting your car repainted.
Esmanda Sparks
Esmanda Sparks
Very professional and my car was ready in a timely manor! Paint job was smoothe and shining! Will return as a future customer and sending referrals.
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