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Ideas on Beautifying Your Own Car

Custom Car Paint Ideas to Make Your Car Stand Out

Take a look at the road. What have you noticed? Most cars are usually silver, grey, black, and nothing special to look at. Even distinguishing luxury brands can be difficult to distinguish because the exterior paints look similar to the others. If you want to change up the look of your vehicle, take a look at these paint job ideas for your custom car paint plan:

Going for Two-Tone

With many color options available, you don’t need to stop with only one color. Are you not wondering why most people don’t paint their entire house with the same color? So why not take advantage of the same idea for the color of your own vehicle? With two-tone, you are like opening up to all kind of options like stripes, an ombre effect, and more. You can combine any color that can make your car more appealing.

Get Out of the Standard Palette

The human eye is capable of perceiving millions of colors or shades. But most of the car manufacturers offer a maximum of five to ten different colors. You don’t have to go crazy and dazzle your car with bright colors, though, because you can choose a better color that will reflect your style.

Optimize Your Finish

Once you have selected your ideal color, then it is the right time to consider the best way to finish your vehicle. Today, many people are opting for a matte finish, which projects are a more subdued vibe, while others go with a pearl effect, which is an extra coating that gives your car its own sheen.

Whatever you need in terms of custom car paint, Chatt Town Exclusives can help you. Our team specializes in an auto body collision work and can fulfill any auto painting service that you need. To learn more about our services, feel free to visit our shop in Chattanooga, TN or contact us at (423) 432-6878 now! We are happy to speak with you anytime!

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